Sunday, May 4, 2014


Since this blog hasn't been used in years, I figured this would be great timing to do this...

Joel, Derek, and I are uniting as the last of the singles in an effort to increase the jealousy of the married folk. We'll be embarking on a journey today that will top all road trips that our group has ever been on! We'll only share pictures at times that we're having more fun than all of you. I'm sure it won't be many...

I don't even remember this blog being created or us committing to using it, but I feel like it was created for this purpose. You're welcome for creating the foundation of what will be the worst week of your lives and the best of ours. :)

Greg, out.


  1. Greg, out. Seriously? That's how you end it!?

  2. I am still waiting on those pictures.